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OSI Jobs is particularly adept at handling searches with a high-level need. This includes searches that need to be conducted confidentially, that need to be filled rapidly, must be handled sensitively, or are particularly tough to fill, etc. Additional noteworthy characteristics of the firm include the following:

  • Strong commitment to professional representation of client companies.
  • Handle each search with the highest degree of integrity and ethical standards.
  • Exceptionally strong technical database and networking capabilities.
  • Proven results with an extensive list of satisfied, long-term clients.

Services We Provide

With Our Guarantee:

OSI Jobs offers a mix of contingency, retained, or hybrid approaches to meet your needs.


  • Fee is an agreed upon percentage of the candidate's base salary.
  • No-risk. Only pay upon the successful completion of the search.
  • 90-day replacement guarantee.


  • Hybrid between contingency and retained. Legitimacy and commitment of a retained search with the lower-risk of the contingency search.
  • Fee is an agreed upon percentage of the candidate's base salary.
  • $3,000 to initiate the search. The remainder is due upon successful completion of the search.
  • 90-day replacement guarantee.


  • Our retained searches can outmatch the big firms, at a fraction of their cost.
  • 1/3 due to initiate the search. 1/3 due upon face-to-face interview. Remainder due upon completion of the search.
  • Highly-personalized, dedicated search with exhaustive interviews, reference checks and more. Great for high-level, high-need searches.

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OSI Jobs has recruited executive professionals for the Food & Beverage and Medical Device Manufacturing industries for over 25 years. We have a rich history, a diverse client base, and our website can only tell a small fraction of that story.

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